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Teacher Tips and Answers

Page 150

Maya ran to greet Evelyn, who was already in the boat waiting for them. Mia and her mom got into the canoe and helped Maya get in. The boat tipped back and forth, and Evelyn struggled to get a grip on it. They eventually settled in the canoe and pushed off with the paddles. They got a decent amount away from the shore when Maya suddenly started pacing, making the boat tip back and forth.

Water started sloshing onto the floor of the canoe, making Evelyn shout, “Maya, stop!”

A crisis occurs, creating suspense. The boat tipped dangerously to the left, and suddenly, they all fell directly into the water. Mom swam to the canoe, flipped it back up, and pulled herself back in. She grabbed Evelyn’s flailing hands and hauled her into the boat. Mia splashed around trying to find Maya when she suddenly saw her golden fur swimming back to the canoe.

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