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Teacher Tips and Answers

Page 144

Writing Dialogue

Dialogue is one of a story writer’s most important tools. A well-written conversation between characters can draw readers directly into the action.

Without Dialogue

The Lombards wondered why the mage didn’t go get the dragon and why he needed a tooth. Prius said he needed the tooth for a spell to save the king, and that he was the only one who could cast the spell, so they couldn’t do without him.

With Dialogue

“Why us and not you?” cried the Lombards. “You are a mage—a man of great learning and power!”

“And why a tooth?” a man called out.

“My fellow Lombards,” Prius said kindly, “had I trained a successor to my status as mage, I would have surely done the deed, but you cannot afford to lose me just yet. And the tooth I spoke of? I will tell you. A dragon’s tooth is the last ingredient I need to make the potion that will heal our king, Brawnwin.”

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