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Teacher Tips and Answers

Page 143

Revising Improving Your Writing

Let It Sit 🟪 After you’ve written your story, let it sit for a while. Then, when you read it again, try pretending someone else wrote it, and see what you think.

Make It Believable 🟪 Remember that your story should be imaginary and believable. Ask, “Do my characters act in a way that fits the story? Do the actions make sense in the setting?”

Share Your First Draft 🟪 Listen carefully to the questions your friends ask after reading or listening to your story. One reader may be confused by something you have said. Another may think that part of your story is too unbelievable. Use their questions and comments to make your story better.

End Strong 🟪 If you don’t like the ending, try removing the last sentence or paragraph. See if your story seems complete without it.

Editing and Proofreading Polishing Your Writing

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