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Teacher Tips and Answers

Page 140

The Lombards looked up in sheer amazement, knowing what a mage could do. And, likewise, Prius, himself a mage, understood as well. Apprentice or not, Prius, was the one who had to act. And swiftly.

“I will take care of this,” said Prius to the Lombards, as he flew to intercept the Mage of Antibion.

The climax features action, strategy, and dialogue. They were evenly matched, both outfitted with powerful wands, which they used like swords to ward off attacks and counter spells. The Mage of Antibion took the first initiative and cast a spell that would turn Prius into a cat. But mage that he was, Prius read the Mage of Antibion’s mind and turned him into a mouse. The battle was now between Prius the Cat and Antibion the Mouse.

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