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Teacher Tips and Answers

Page 133

Gathering Story Ideas

You can start gathering ideas for personal narratives by writing in a journal or diary or by making lists of personal experiences. A good way to find ideas is to answer the following types of questions:

1. Who are the important people in your life?

Family members? Friends? Classmates? Neighbors? Think about the times you’ve shared with each one. What do you remember best? What would you just as soon forget? (See page 136 for suggestions for stories about family and friends.)

2. Where have you been?

Every place you visit is an adventure, whether it’s the doctor’s office, the principal’s office, or the county fair. Think of the biggest place you’ve been, and the smallest. Think of comfortable places, and places that cause you to squirm. Think of special meeting places from your past.

3. What do you like to do?

Do you enjoy drawing or cooking or caring for animals? Do you like to play basketball or just hang out? Do you like to talk on the phone or read at night when you’re supposed to be asleep?

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