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Teacher Tips and Answers

Page 119

Sample Dialogue Journal

In the dialogue journal below, a fifth grader and his father write about their road trip up the Alaska Highway.

Dear Dad,

Today was my favorite day so far on our trip to Alaska. I couldn’t believe all the wildlife we saw in the mountains! A black bear, a couple of moose, a bald eagle, and that whole herd of bison. Right there, on both sides of the road! It’s sure more fun driving in the mountains of British Columbia than the plains of Saskatchewan!



P.S. How much farther do we have to go to get to Alaska? I can’t wait for Anchorage!

Dear Gabe,

I agree about the mountain driving instead of the plains. Our little SUV is certainly being a trooper. I feel bad for all those RVs struggling up the hillsides.

Today was a long one—11 hours to reach Whitehorse. Tomorrow won’t be so bad, maybe 8 hours to Tok, which is in Alaska. And then it’s one last push, probably 10 hours to Anchorage.

I hope we see lots more animals on the way, though I hope they stay off the road!

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