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Teacher Tips and Answers

Page 72

Five Tips for a Super Portfolio

1. Date everything. 🟪 It’s very important that you date everything, especially in a growth portfolio. Knowing when you wrote each piece will help you see how your writing has changed over time.

2. Keep your portfolio small, but not too small. 🟪 Adding a new sample of your writing every four to six weeks is usually about right for a growth portfolio. More samples than that can make your portfolio hard to manage, and fewer samples won’t tell enough about you.

3. Attach a self-evaluation to every piece. 🟪 Besides telling what you like about the writing, mention one or two problems you had and how you solved them. Also give reasons for choosing each sample—it’s fun for readers to know this information.

4. Write a letter of introduction. 🟪 Be sure to tell who you are and what kind of portfolio you’ve made. Suggest some things to look for, like interesting details, a strong voice, or your use of humor.

5. Keep on schedule. 🟪 Do not wait until the night before your portfolio is due to quickly write eight pieces and stick them in a folder. That would be like grabbing anything out of your closet to pack a suitcase. You won’t like the result.

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