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Teacher Tips and Answers

Page 25

Order of Importance  🟪 Reasons or qualities are often organized by their importance, starting or ending with the most important one.

above all


as well

best of all


first of all

for example

for instance

for one thing

in addition

of course

most importantly

Being in Follow That Rabbit was the most fun I’ve ever had. For one thing, I got to play the Mad Hatter, who is very funny. Some of my lines made the audience roar. In addition, I got to work with a bunch of great people. We didn’t know each other to begin with, but we became friends. Best of all, one of my new friends, Evan, became my BFF. He played the March Hare. Now the Mad Hatter and the March Hare are riding bikes together all over town!

Cause-Effect 🟪 Sometimes in writing, you want to show how one thing causes another. You can do so by using verbs like “heats” or “brings” or “turns.” You can also do so by using transitions like those in the box below.


the main reason is


the main cause is

another reason


due to


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