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Teacher Tips and Answers

Page 14


Understand the Assignment 🟪 To get started, Gabe used the PAST strategy to name the main parts of his assignment. Doing this helped to keep him on track.

Purpose: To inform
Audience: Students in the school
Subject: A natural wonder
Type: Explanatory essay

Select a Topic 🟪 Gabe thought that Yellowstone was the most wonderful place he had been, so he knew what to write about.

Write Freely 🟪 Gabe started by writing freely about his topic.

My family went to Yellowstone, and we saw lots of geysers and hot springs and mud pots. Those are all because Yellowstone is one big volcano. A supervolcano! It had one of the largest eruptions of all time. The ground under it is full of magma that wants to burst up, but the crust keeps it down. That’s why all the water bubbles up there. It’s boiling hot and full of sulfur. . . .

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