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Warm-Up for Writing Fiction Reviews

Writing a Nonfiction Review
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One fun way to think about a book is to write a review. In a book review, you tell others what a book is about and help your readers decide if they want to read it next! The activities in this unit will guide you in reviewing a fiction book by focusing on characters, conflict, and theme.

What Is a Fiction Review?

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Fiction books are gateways to new worlds. When you open a book and begin reading, you are transported to a new place with interesting characters, conflicts, and adventures. When you finish a good book, you probably know the story well enough to tell others about it.

In a fiction review, you let others know about a book by explaining its important parts and characters without saying too much. After all, you don’t want to spoil the ending!

Thinking About Character Traits

The main character may be the most important part of a fiction book. This person or animal is sometimes called the protagonist. To truly understand what happens in a book, you need to think carefully about the main character.

Creating a Character Profile Page

To get to know a character better, create a profile page that shares important information about the character. Study how one student created a sample profile page to learn about the main character in the book Shiloh.







West Virginia


All animals (especially Shiloh), the outdoors, the woods, exploring, his brothers and sisters


Hurting animals, lying, and dishonest people

Greatest wants/desires:

To make Shiloh his dog, to protect him and keep away from Judd, and to change laws to protect dogs

Greatest fears/obstacles:

Not being able to protect Shiloh, lying to his parents, and knowing that Judd owns and hurts Shiloh; also laws that let people own animals even if they mistreat them

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