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Teacher Tips and Answers

Understanding Persuasive Paragraphs

In a persuasive paragraph, you give your opinion on a subject and try to get your reader to agree with you. To do this, you need to give facts and other reasons to support your opinion. Otherwise, you won’t persuade your readers.

Read a persuasive paragraph.

Note the opinion that the writer is presenting and supporting. Pay special attention to the reasons the writer gives for the opinion.

Listen to "Perfect Tree House Place"

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Opinion Statement Kids need a place to call their own, and a tree house is the perfect place. For instance, a tree house gives my friends and me a chance to get away from the pressures of school, homework, and little brothers or sisters. We can just hang out and be ourselves. Body Sentences We can also decorate our tree house any way we want. In addition, a tree house is a good place for thinking, playing music, looking at the sky, or just being with friends. Reasons Sure, if we didn’t have this kind of place, we’d find other ways to keep busy. We’d go to the mall, text our friends, play video games, or just watch TV. Ending Sentence But doesn’t a tree house sound like a better place for kids to spend their time?

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