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Teacher Tips and Answers

Revising Résumés and Cover Letters

So you've done the hard part, actually writing the résumé and cover letter. Take a little break if you can. Then come back to them. You want to make sure these two documents do the best job of representing you to a potential employer. Is there some critical piece of information that you forgot to include? Is there some extraneous piece of information that you don't need? In revision, you can make sure your documents have all the "right stuff."

Revising for Key Details

Remember that your cover letter and résumé are really meant for the employer, not for you. You already know who you are. The employer needs to know, so these documents should provide the key details without distraction. You can check for details by reviewing item 3 on the prewriting activity "Take the Employer's Perspective."

3. What kind of employee would make life better for this contact person?

A part-time reporter who can take any assignment, attend an event, interview those involved, take photos, research carefully, check facts, write a news article or feature article, create an effective headline, and digitally submit materials on or before deadline.

What employer needs did you fail to address in your cover letter and résumé? For example, Joyce realized that she forgot to mention that she is a skilled photographer, so she can provide images for her articles. She added a line to the "Skills and Qualifications" section of her résumé.

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