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Teacher Tips and Answers

Revising Opinion Essays

Once you finish a first draft of your opinion essay, set it aside for awhile. When you return to it, you can see it anew. That's what revising means—seeing your work with new eyes. When you revise, you look at your essay from your reader's perspective to make sure your writing includes compelling details and flows smoothly. These activities will help you revise.

Revising to Make Concessions

It is important that you remain fair in an opinion essay. This means that you must consider all the issues and other opinions related to your topic. If you concede some of the issues on “the other side,” you can actually strengthen your own opinion.

The second paragraph in “Car Problems” fairly concedes that cars are important in modern life. But the writer also says that they are still a problem. Sometimes, a concession will begin with a transition such as these: it is true that, admittedly, even though, or I agree that . . .

Evaluate concessions.

Review these concession paragraphs and decide if the writer remains fair in discussing opposing ideas. Also underline the transition that introduces the concession, if one is used. Make a copy of this Google doc or download a Word template.

It is true that many older adults are uncomfortable with new technology. They have spent most of their lives without laptops and smart phones, and it is hard for them to learn how to use them. But we should still make every attempt to become a paperless society.

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