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Teacher Tips and Answers

Warm-Up for Literature Assessment

Some major assessments test your ability to read and respond to literature.

How Can I Practice for Assessment?

Literature Assessment
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The best way to practice for a reading and writing assessment is to take a practice test, like the one in this unit. You will closely read a story and a poem and write about them. You'll also write a story of your own.

You’ll find a playful story about a girl who tries to get away from her shadow. You’ll also read a poem about a man speaking to his reflection. Read them closely. You’ll be drawing evidence from them to build a response. You’ll also get to experiment with telling a story of your own.

If you would like more help with closely reading literature and responding in writing, see the unit “Reading and Writing Literature for Assessment.”

Responding to a Story for Assessment

When you closely read a story, pay attention to character, setting, conflict, and theme.

Closely read a short story.

Read the following story. You will need to answer questions afterward, but you can refer back as needed.

Source 1

Friend Beneath Your Feet

By Felice Williams

Jana stretched, yawned, and jumped out of bed.

“Ow! Hey! Get off me!”

Startled, Jana jumped back in bed. “Who said that?”

A muffled voice came underneath her. “Me!”

“Who are you?”

“Your shadow, that’s who,” the shadow replied. “I’m pinned underneath you!”

“Sorry!” Jana replied, scrambling off the bed.

“You’re stepping on my feet!” the shadow growled.

Jana lifted her feet, dancing to keep from stepping on the shadow, but every time her foot came down, the shadow was right under it. “Hey, you keep putting your feet under mine!”

“Of course I do. I’m your shadow!”

Jana shook her head. “Then I can’t help stepping on your feet or pinning you to the bed, can I?”

“No, you can’t help it,” her shadow replied, “but at least you could realize you’re doing it. Maybe you wouldn’t stomp around so much if you thought about how you’re always stepping on my feet!”

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