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Teacher Tips and Answers

Reading a Promotion Paragraph and Essay

Before writing to promote your own cause, you should see how other writers convinced their audiences. As you read the paragraph and essay below, think about how the writers put ideas together and how you might promote your own cause.

Reading a Persuasive Paragraph

A persuasive paragraph has three main parts. The topic sentence states the opinion. The body sentences support the opinion with reasons. The ending sentence restates or emphasizes the opinion.

Sample Paragraph

Save the Shelter

Topic Sentence:
The city animal shelter needs more support from all of us to continue helping animals and our community. Our shelter is the only one in the tri-county area that does not euthanize animals, but instead seeks homes for them. Body Sentences That makes it a critical resource for thousands of people. Local citizens adopt dozens of animals each week, giving them new starts on life. Each adopted animal is neutered or spayed so that it does not add to the problem of stray dogs and cats. The shelter also employs 15 full-time workers, giving them not just a paycheck but also an important mission to help our furry friends. Ending Sentences So, support the animal shelter through donations of food and cash as well as by speaking to your city council representatives. Together, we can help animals and enrich our own lives.

Respond to the paragraph.

Answer these questions about the paragraph. Make a copy of this Google doc or download a Word template.

  1. How would you summarize the writer's opinion?

    The city animal shelter needs the support of the community.

  2. How would you summarize the three main reasons that support the opinion?

    The shelter is the only one locally that does not euthanize animals.

    Dozens of animals find new homes every week because of the shelter.

    The shelter provides meaningful work for 15 local people.

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