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Reading a Process Paragraph and Essay

Before you explain a process, you'll want to see how others did so. This lesson shows you a process paragraph and a process essay, explaining each part. As you read them, think about how the writers put ideas together and how you might explain ideas in your process writing.

Reading a Process Paragraph

A process paragraph has three main parts. The topic sentence states the process. The body sentences describe the steps. The ending sentence wraps up the process. This paragraph describes the process of building a tree house.

Listen to "Tree House Summer."

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Sample Paragraph

Tree-House Summer

Topic SentenceLast summer, my friends and I built a tree house in my back yard. We started by designing the tree house. Body SentencesThen we listed materials we needed and found a store that sold building supplies. We took our list and the money we had saved and went shopping. We loaded everything into my dad’s van and headed back. The first thing we had to do was build a frame for the floor of the house. (My mom helped with that.) Next we used a rope to raise all the wood up into the tree. We then carefully nailed the boards to the frame, and we soon had a floor. After that, we added walls and a roof. Ending SentencesWe now had a great place to hang out for the rest of the summer!

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