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Practicing for Assessment

Reading and writing tests measure important learning skills. You can do your best on such tests by reading and writing every day. You can also get a better score if you practice for assessment.

How Can I Practice for Assessment?

Writing a Process Essay
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The best way to practice for a reading and writing assessment is to take a practice test. This unit asks you to closely read information and write about it, just as you will do on actual assessments.

You’ll find interesting articles to read and respond to. You’ll also get to watch a video. In the end, you’ll need to take the information you discover and use it to write an informational essay of your own.

If you would like more help with close reading and informational writing, see the unit “Reading and Writing for Assessment.”

Reading a Practice Assessment

Some tests ask you to closely read and respond to explanatory articles and then use them to write an essay. One technique for reading closely is SQ3R:

  • Survey the headings, illustrations, beginning, and ending of the text.
  • Question what the text is about and what you expect to learn from it.
  • Read the text carefully.
  • Recite the main points covered in the text.
  • Review the material, thinking about how it relates to other things you have learned.

Closely read source 1.

Use SQ3R to closely read the following text.

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Source 1

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