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Teacher Tips and Answers

Reading an Opinion Paragraph and Essay

Before you write your own essay, you can read an opinion paragraph and essay that others wrote. As you read, think about how the writers put ideas together and how you might support an opinion in your essay.

Reading an Opinion Paragraph

An opinion paragraph has three main parts. The topic sentence states the opinion. The body sentences support the opinion with reasons. The ending sentence restates or emphasizes the opinion.

Listen to “Keep Art.”

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Sample Paragraph

Keep Art

Topic Sentence:
Waterford schools must keep the art program. The School Board has said that art may be cut because of money issues. Before they decide, the board members need to understand certain things about art. First of all, art helps students learn. When students work on an art project, they plan, experiment, and make choices. Working like this will help them learn in all their classes. Body Sentences:
Second, art helps students express themselves. In art classes, students create their own projects rather than answer questions or read chapters. And finally, art helps students understand their world. Art is part of our culture, and students need to participate in this culture.
Because of its value, the School Board should Ending Sentence:
Call to Action
think of creative ways to keep art rather than just cutting it.

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