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Reading a Comparison-Contrast Paragraph and Essay

This lesson lets you discover how another student analyzed two topics in a comparison-contrast paragraph and essay.

Reading a Comparison-Contrast Paragraph

A comparison-contrast paragraph has three main parts. The topic sentence introduces two subjects and says something about them. The body sentences give details about how the two subjects are alike and different. The ending sentence sums up how the subjects are the same or different.

Sample Paragraph

BMX Bikes Versus Mountain Bikes

Topic Sentence

BMX bikes and mountain bikes are built in different ways. BMX bikes are great for tricks because they have a low, light frame and short tires. Mountain bikes have a high, heavy frame and thick tires. Body Sentences This makes them great for off-road riding on bumpy surfaces. Another way the two types of bikes differ is the number of gears. Mountain bikes have many different gears, but BMX bikes normally have just one gear. The number of gears relates to the main difference between the two bikes. Ending Sentence BMX bikes are built in a way that lets riders do tricks, while mountain bikes are built for off-road riding, including up and down hills.

Respond to the paragraph.

Answer the following questions about the reading. Make a copy of this Google doc or download a Word template.

  1. Does the reading mostly focus on the way the two bikes are the same or different?
  2. Different

  3. Name three ways the bikes differ.
  4. Three of these: (1) Size and weight of frame; (2) number of gears; (3) size of tires; and (4) overall function: BMX bikes are built for tricks; mountain bikes are built for off-road riding

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