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Teacher Tips and Answers

Reading Summaries

Before you write your own summary of an article, you'll want to see how others did so. In this lesson, you'll read a sample article and summary. As you read them, think about what parts of the original article are included in the summary.

Reading a Sample Article and Summary

A summary identifies the key information in a text, condenses it, and states it using the writer’s own words. Read this article about a popular type of music and think about the main idea and key information.

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Sample Article


K-Pop Goes Global


by Frances Blake

Korean pop music, or ‘K-pop’ as it’s more commonly called, has already taken over Asia’s music scene and is gaining more fans in the West all the time. Beginning But what is it about K-pop that is attracting so many listeners? It’s K-pop’s unique blend of sound and technology.

To begin with, the music of these young Korean pop stars is unique and captivating with its energetic mix of musical styles, including hip-hop, techno, R&B, and even dubstep. Middle

Where American or British pop groups rarely have more than four or five members, it’s common for K-pop groups like Girls' Generation to include nine or ten singers. Members of the groups are recruited at an early age by Korean record companies, and the young musicians must train for two years singing and dancing before they can join a group. “Every time they perform a song, it’s got to be perfect,” says record company owner Yi Yuen.


It’s not just the music that attracts fans to the genre. K-pop groups produce larger-than-life music videos complete with multicolored light shows, impressive choreography, and several outfit changes. Listeners keep track of their favorite K-pop groups on the Internet and follow group members on social media Web sites like Twitter. One music video by the group 2NE1 has over 100 million views on YouTube. K-pop’s international influence shows no signs of slowing down soon.

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