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Teacher Tips and Answers

Reading an Advertisement Poster and Essay

Before you create your own advertisement for a product, you should see how other writers persuaded their audiences to buy. Study the poster and essay below and think about how the writer convinced others to purchase the product.

Reading an Advertisement Poster

A persuasive poster uses visuals and words to connect a product to the needs of the audience. The graphics on the poster should not only grab the attention of the reader but also begin persuading the person. The slogan continues convincing readers by connecting to their desires. The call to action completes the persuasive pitch, asking the viewer to do something specific (buy the product!).

Sample Poster

Drink Water Poster

Teaching Tip

Students can use the lessons learned from this persuasive poster to make their own extra credit persuasive posters after they have written their essays.

Respond to the poster.

Answer these questions about the poster. Make a copy of this Google doc or download a Word template.

  1. How does the slogan get your attention?

    (Answers will vary.) The slogan, "Water: It's What You Are" directly connects the subject of water to the reader.

  2. How does the image help to persuade?

    (Answers will vary.) The image reminds readers that they are made of 60 percent water.

  3. What action does the poster call you to do? What reason does it give you to take that action?

    (Answers will vary.) "Drink life. Drink water!" It argues that water is healthy for you since your body is made up mostly of it.

Reading an Advertisement Essay

A persuasive essay has three main parts. The beginning paragraph starts with a lead that grabs the reader's attention and ends with an opinion statement. The middle paragraphs give reasons to support the opinion. The ending paragraph restates the opinion and provides an important final thought or a call to action.

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