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Teacher Tips and Answers

Prewriting for Process Essays

Prewriting is your first step in writing a process essay. These prewriting activities will help you select a topic to write about, create a focus statement, and gather and organize your details before you begin a first draft.

Prewriting to Focus Your Ideas

Plan your writing.

Use this sheet to plan your process essay. Make a copy of this Google doc or download a Word template.

  1. List three things that you know how to do really well.

    Take care of a hamster.

    Do a cartwheel.

    Make a balloon poodle.

  2. Which of these three processes would you like to explain in an essay?

    Take care of a hamster.

  3. What tools and materials do you need for this process?

    Hamster cage, water bottle, food bowl, wood to gnaw on, wheel for running, cedar bedding

  4. What steps would you list for doing this process?

    First, go to buy your hamster.

    Second, pick out and set up a cage.

    Then, feed and water your hamster.

    Next, hold your hamster to build trust.

    Finally, make mazes for your hamster.

  5. What special thought or feeling do you have about this process?

    A hamster is like a living teddy bear.

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