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Teacher Tips and Answers

Prewriting for Phase Autobiographies

Prewriting is your first step in writing a phase autobiography. These prewriting activities will help you select a topic to write about, gather important actions and details, and organize your thoughts before you begin a first draft.

Prewriting to Select a Topic

The topic of your narrative should be a period in your life in which you learned something important about yourself or your world.

Explore topic ideas.

To help you think of topic ideas, review the list of possible topics that follow. Choose at least two that you have experienced, or think of two topics of your own. Freewrite about each topic. Jot down impressions, feelings, memories, or anything that comes to mind about the topic. Make a copy of this Google doc or download a Word template.

  • One special summer
  • A summer job
  • Starting in a new school
  • First trip away from home
  • New baby or member in the family
  • Being a member of a team
  • Finding or losing a friend
  • Moving to a new home
  • Learning a new activity (sport, instrument, etc.)
  • A death or illness in the family

Topic 1:




Topic 2:




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