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Teacher Tips and Answers

Analyzing Writing Prompts

Often tests contain writing prompts that you must respond to. Your first step is to understand the writing prompt. You can use the PAST questions:

  • Purpose? Why am I writing? (To explain? To demonstrate?)
  • Audience? Who will read my writing? (Tester? Classmates?)
  • Subject? What subject should I write about? (Games? Pizza?)
  • Type? What type of writing should I create? (Essay? Letter?)

Sample Writing Prompt

What animal sayings do you use? Think of three different sayings and what they mean. Think of how you might use them. Write an essay that explains what a saying is and names the three animal sayings you like most. Define each. Imagine you are explaining the sayings to someone who is learning English.

Answers to PAST Questions

  • Purpose?

    To explain the meaning of the sayings and give examples

  • Audience?

    A person who is learning English

  • Subject?

    Animal sayings

  • Type?


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