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Teacher Tips and Answers

Analyzing Theme

The theme of a story is a lesson it teaches about life. The theme usually will not be stated outright. You have to infer it from the characters’ actions and words. Ask yourself questions like these.

  • What does the main character learn?

    Glenda learns that she should focus on what she can control (how high she climbs) rather than what she can’t (how tall she is).

  • How does the main character change?

    Glenda stops being a hanger and becomes a climber. She accepts her height and focuses on things she can do instead.

  • How are you changed by reading this story?

    I realize I should accept things I can’t change about myself and focus on what I can do.

  • What is the writer trying to say about life? (theme)

    Don’t focus on what you are given, but on what you do with it.

Read for theme.

Read the following story, watching for theme.

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