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2a: Learning About the Brain

Background:The human brain has three main parts: the brain stem (survival, safety), the limbic system (emotion), and the cortex (thinking and learning). Children need safety and emotional connection in order to learn effectively.

Today in Class: We discussed the areas of the brain and their function, calling the brain stem the "lizard part," the limbic system the "dog part," and the cortex the "owl part." Knowing these parts helps students understand where sensations, emotions, and thoughts come from.

Self-Reflection: Which part of your brain is active right now? Which parts do you use throughout the day?

At-Home Support

Discuss the human brain with your child:

  1. Your teacher said you talked about the brain today. What parts did you talk about?
  2. What does the lizard part do? That's right, it's for survival. It can fight or flee or freeze to keep you safe.
  3. What does the dog part do? That's right. It makes and feels emotions: happy, sad, scared, angry, hurt, or love. It helps you make decisions about what's happening around you.
  4. What does the owl part do? That's right. It thinks and learns and knows things.
  5. All of these parts are connected. You need to feel safe and connected to learn. You'll find out more about the brain this year.