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Wishful Thinking: A Wish List for the New School Year

With the new school year beginning, I've listed what I’d like to see students accomplishing in the writing classroom.

I’d like students…

  • To participate in a writing workshop with students and teachers writing and learning together.
  • To feel good about being in the writing classroom because it gives them an opportunity to explore and shape their own thinking.
  • To understand that improvement will come if they regularly put pen to paper or fingers to the keyboard.
  • To interact with, and feel comfortable around, one another in the classroom.
  • To feel that their presence matters, that they have something worthwhile to add to the class.
  • To appreciate what it takes to produce quality writing.
  • To research and write about topics that truly interest them.
  • To know what is of foremost importance in writing—the development of ideas.
  • To understand the value of pushing their thinking to the brink of confusion, if need be, to form their best thoughts.
  • To know that writing can help them make sense of the fears and uncertainties associated with adolescence.
  • To discuss writing using terms such as sensory details, clarity, focus, and so on.
  • To acquire a writer’s ear for good writing and a writer’s eye for potential writing ideas.
  • To produce one extended piece of writing that requires authentic research.
  • To feel excited about the creative opportunities that writing offers them.
  • To never be without a good book.
  • To discover a new favorite writer, and to know why they find his or her books so appealing.
  • To appreciate the many online writing opportunities that they have.
  • To publish some of their writing—in print or online.
  • To compile a portfolio that truly showcases their abilities as a writer.
  • To realize, by the end of the year, that writing is not a school subject to master, but an activity that can truly enrich their lives.

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