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Create a Writing Wish List

Illustration of student with pen in ear
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With the new school year beginning, you no doubt are creating wish lists for your classroom. Consider including some of the following writing goals:

I want my students to . . .

  • Feel good about writing because it gives them an opportunity to explore and shape their own thinking.
  • Write about topics that truly interest them.
  • Establish a regular writing routine to develop their writing fluency.
  • Know that improvement is a certainty if they make a sincere effort.
  • Understand the value of pushing their thinking to the brink of confusion, if need be, to form their best ideas.
  • Participate in a writing workshop, learning together with their classmates and me.
  • Interact comfortably with one another about their writing.
  • Feel that their presence matters, that they have something worthwhile to add to the class.
  • Appreciate that quality writing takes time and patience.
  • Feel excited about the creative opportunities that writing offers them.
  • Know that writing can help them make sense of the uncertainties associated with adolescence.
  • Appreciate writing as an effective learning tool.
  • Develop strong, evidence-based ideas.
  • Discuss writing using terms such as focus, clarity, elaboration, voice, and sensory details.
  • Experiment with different forms of writing—exposition, argument, and narration.
  • Produce at least one extended piece of writing that requires authentic research.
  • Never be without a good book.
  • Discover a new favorite writer and know why they find his or her books so appealing.
  • Acquire a writer’s ear for good writing and a writer’s eye for potential writing ideas.
  • Appreciate the many publishing opportunities available to them and try at least two or three of them.
  • Compile a portfolio that showcases their abilities as a writer.
  • Realize, by the end of the year, that writing can enrich their lives.

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