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What is social and emotional intelligence?

Social and emotional intelligence is the ability for students to do the following:

Group of Children
  • Identify, manage, and express emotions constructively.
  • Control impulses.
  • Express empathy.
  • Persevere when things get difficult and challenging.
  • Communicate and related effectively with others.
  • Work collaboratively in groups.
  • Negotiate and resolve differences in a win/win manner.

Emotion plays a major role in every intellectual process and is a driving force in how children’s brains organize themselves. Students who are fearful or anxious have difficulty learning, whereas those who feel safe and secure learn more quickly.

Research shows that students who receive instruction in social and emotional intelligence are better behaved, more positive, and less anxious than other students. Such instruction also helps students improve test performance. It sets them on a path for success in school, jobs, relationships, and adult life. In fact, employers now seek candidates with high social and emotional intelligence.

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