Writing Classroom Reports

Writing Classroom Reports
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Writing Classroom Reports helps your students gain the reading and writing skills they need to conduct short research projects and report what they discover. Students receive step-by-step guidance to create their own classroom reports. Instructions, activities, examples, videos, interactives, and downloads help students gain new writing strategies and skills. You can also present this unit right from your interactive white board.

First students warm up by learning to use the KWL strategy for close reading. Then they read two sample reports: one a paragraph and the other an essay. After responding to the reading, students are ready to write their own classroom reports:

  • Prewriting activities help students select a topic, find a focus, and conduct research to find details about their topics.
  • Writing activities help students write a beginning that grabs the reader's interest and leads to a focus statement, middle paragraphs that support the focus with a variety of details, and an ending paragraph that thoughtfully wraps up the report.
  • Revising activities help students replace general details with specific ones and connect ideas with transitions.
  • Editing activities help students correctly use apostrophes and capitalization in their reports.
  • Publishing and reflecting activities help students create a clean final copy of their reports and think about what they have learned.

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